• Do back doctors here in NYC seem to be unable to help you?

  • Do spine specialist tests show herniation, pinched nerves or other supposed back pain causes, but no treatment seems to bring relief?

  • Have you been through pain management or surgeries, only to find your pain return?

  • Are you seeking back pain relief but are unable to lead a normal, happy life?

  • Are you at your wits end living with so much neck or lower back pain?


Relief is possible!

Back pain treatment through psychotherapy has proven in thousands of cases to bring about an amazing cure!

The truth is the mind completely controls and influences the body, and most back or body pain is caused by manipulation of your body tissue by the mind which is attempting to distract you and save you from overwhelming emotions! Pain management through good psychotherapy allows you to process and resolve those powerful emotions, so they no longer threaten your unconscious mind, and the lower back pain becomes unnecessary and the mind therefore stops generating it!

That’s the amazing truth, most people seeking back pain relief have nothing physically wrong with their body, despite what spine specialists may say, although the pain is very real, it is created by the mind!

How does this back pain remedy work?

Many people with pain management issues in NYC have powerful emotions of anger, shame, fear and anxiety repressed deep in their unconscious. The mind’s survival response fears that if these emotions were to become conscious, the person might experience a psychological breakdown and be overwhelmed. Therefore, when those emotions strengthen and threaten to burst into consciousness, the mind creates a change in your body tissue which causes pain, and this pain completely occupies your attention and prevents you from becoming aware of your overpowering emotions!

Instead you are hyper-focused on your back pain and what injury you imagine you sustained; you are preoccupied with seeking back pain remedies through back specialists and pain management doctors!

All this totally distracts you from your overpowering emotions and allows them to remain hidden in your unconscious. It is a survival technique of your mind! By creating the lower back pain, it has saved you from a dangerous psychological breakdown. Many people indeed suffer such breakdowns, it is perceived as a real threat by the mind. In some cases, a real breakdown is not likely but the emotions are so overwhelming, powerful and intolerable, that your mind fears you simply can’t handle becoming consciously aware of them, and it creates a painful, albeit effective, distraction.

However, with pain management through psychotherapy in my NYC office, you will gain an awareness of this whole process and mechanism,

realizing that there is nothing truly wrong with your body physically, despite what spine doctors say, and therefore you no longer fall for the distraction, so the unconscious mind no longer sees any use in creating the back pain and it subsides! You see, your mind can only set up an effective distraction if you truly believe the back pain doctor that something is wrong with your body. But once you become firmly convinced that it’s only a mind trick, it no longer distracts you from your emotions and so the mind stops creating the pain.

Many people have found back pain relief simply by reading carefully chosen back specialist books on the topic alone!

I will recommend for you which books to read, and I will help you understand and interpret them.

At the same time, with a NYC back pain specialist like me, we work on healing back pain from the opposite end, by helping you process and gain conscious awareness of all your repressed emotions.

This can involve going through your history and finding out where and when all those powerful feelings may have been generated. It is important to have a wise and empathetic therapeutic back specialist to guide you through this process. Once the feelings are dealt with, they recede into the past and no longer threaten you, and so the mind no longer needs to create pain. It's a simple as that! Some patients experience significant lower back pain relief in a matter of months, even weeks and astoundingly even sometimes hours of back pain treatment!

Thousands of patients have been cured of their severe back pain through the pain management of good psychotherapy alone without any of the back doctor’s medical treatments!

The key is to healing back pain is to accept and truly believe that there is nothing wrong with your body, and the chronic pain is all generated by the mind. That realization short-circuits the whole process and brings back pain relief. Such back and body pain conditions have been labeled tension myositis syndrome by famous NYC pain management doctor, Dr. John Sarno, MD, who first discovered and popularized them. In addition, the same mechanism is responsible for many other conditions such as migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, tinnitus, chronic fatigue and a few others. Often some of these conditions co-occur with severe back pain.

There is an additional mechanism often at work in the minds of people with pain management issues such as migraines or lower back pain, which is rampant here in NYC,

Usually they could be called perfectionists, which means they suffer from low self-esteem and the accompanying shame, and therefore put pressure on themselves to try to be extremely good people and achieve a perfect performance or amazing output. They imagine deep down that such achievements or performance will prove that they really do have self-worth, and they will be redeemed from the bad feelings about themselves. However, since being perfectly good or achieving near-perfect performance is impossible, striving for it generates intense anxiety and fear of failure, and of therefore remaining in a state of low self-esteem and shame. These feelings are intensely powerful and the unconscious mind fears they will overwhelm the conscious mind, therefore it generates the pain management issue as a distraction!

However understanding the whole process and working on it in psychotherapy with a NYC back specialist brings tremendous lower back pain relief!


Basically, with perfectionists it works as follows: I help the patient realize that perfect performance is truly impossible, and demanding it of himself is doomed to fail and is generating many problems. Instead I help him to shoot for goals of moderate achievement, to accept mundane accomplishments, and to understand and be perfectly comfortable with the fact that this is a world of imperfection! There will always be things that are going wrong, and failures and mistakes that we will make. He must embrace and even celebrate imperfection, the mediocre, and the mundane, because that is where 90 percent of life is lived! Developing such an attitude greatly reduces the self-imposed pressure to achieve, and therefore also the resulting fear of failure, anxiety, shame and low self-esteem.

Therefore since the overpowering emotions no longer threaten, the pain management issue is no longer needed as a distraction and the mind stops generating it!

I have seen perfectionists achieve back pain relief this way after only a few months of psychotherapy with a back specialist!

In addition, there are some types of folks with pain management issue here in NYC who try to be very good people, and run from conflict or bad feelings towards others. They have a deep need, usually generated in childhood, not to have others be displeased with them or be in conflict with them. Therefore when angry of unpleasant feelings towards others do crop up, they are repressed for fear that expressing them will generate conflict. These angry and even aggressive feelings build up and threaten to burst into consciousness, but the person’s mind is so trained to fear conflict, that it creates the lower back pain to distract the person from his angry feelings and preserve peace!


I have seen people who after understanding this whole mechanism, and processing their anger through back pain treatment with psychotherapy, have had their back pain largely go away!

I know a patient who tended to be very ashamed about himself and had a great fear of failure. He had moderate back pain from time to time. Once when he was experiencing intense shame over possibly failing a class in graduate school, the chronic pain started to get worse and he began to think, “Oh no, this pain is only going to get worse and worse, and this in addition to all my other problems will be totally unacceptable and I truly will be a complete loser!” These overwhelmingly powerful feelings caused his mind to rescue him with drastic measures, and right there as he sat on the couch, his lower back muscles on the left side contracted and tensed up so greatly until his entire back was contorted in a bizzare backward arc from which he could not escape! He was amazed at how clearly his mind and emotions had caused it. He slithered over to the phone and immediately called me. I laughed a bit when he told me what happened, and cheerfully helped him see that it was no real problem in his back, it was all in his mind, and a course of reading the works of NYC back pain doctor Dr. Sarno, together with back pain therapy would take care of it. My conviction inspired him and he began to feel relief immediately and his back muscles relaxed. After a month he was mostly back pain-free. Periodically throughout his life it would come back at times, at which points he would do more reading, or maybe have a call with me and the back muscle pain would be resolved.

It is important to work with a wise and empathetic psychotherapist who is a back pain specialist and will guide you through the whole healing back pain process.

To find out in detail the steps one needs to go through in psychotherapy in general, click here.

I have helped many people in this area, and have the experience and familiarity with the underlying psychology to be able to help. In addition, many of the repressed emotions causing back or body pain originate in the patient’s childhood, and since I also specialize in child psychotherapy, I can help you work through those thorny childhood emotions which are causing your problem.

But you still may have concerns about pain management with psychotherapy:

You can't say it's all in the mind, because my lower back pain started when I injured my back during strenuous exercise! The pain must be caused by that injury…

Any tissue or structural injury takes a few weeks or at the most some months to completely heal and be pain-free. If the pain persists beyond that time, the back pain causes must be in the mind. In addition, we must remember that pain caused by injury is fairly constant, more intense at the time of injury and gradually but steadily becoming less as it heals. But you will notice that most chronic pain that causes pain management issues is not steady at all. It comes and goes, especially in relation to your emotional states. It there’s still a real injury, the injury is always there so the pain should be too. How can you explain that back pain is sometimes very faint and sometimes very intense? Interestingly, the unconscious mind often cleverly chooses the site of a previous injury to generate the mind-induced back pain. This is because your conscious mind is more easily fooled that way into believing it's a physical condition and it is more easily distracted from your unconscious emotions! If the pain came up in a place without any injury or stress, although this sometimes happens, it is much harder for you to accept that as a physical problem and be distracted. In addition, sometimes you may have a legitimate injury but that injury is only causing 10 percent of the back pain and the mind is causing the other 90 percent, piggybacking on your injury. Often patients considering how to relieve back pain tell me they injured their back a while ago and they believe the injury is causing pain, so I ask them, were you involved in a high impact auto accident? Were you playing very rough tackle football? Did you suffer some serious physical trauma? That is what is required to truly injure the very tough and resilient tissues of the back. Most people report that the injury was caused by simply lifting a box or falling on their behinds. Such minor traumas simply cannot cause serious, long term pain-inducing injuries. The back pain causes must be the mind which chose the incident as a believable cause of physical pain!

But tests have shown I have bulging or herniated discs, pinched nerves or other structural abnormalities. Aren’t they responsible for the severe back pain, thus requiring a back doctor or spine specialist? 

Most of these structural abnormalities, although real, are a normal part of the aging process and do not in of themselves cause serious pain. Millions of people have herniated discs and the like and are back pain-free. That is why back doctor treatments such as surgeries, massage, physical therapy and painkillers do not bring real chronic pain relief. The lower back pain is caused by the mind and only good psychotherapy can bring back pain relief. Most spine doctors, pain management doctors and chiropractors are not aware of these psychological forces, and they will mistakenly tell you that you have a physical problem requiring treatment or surgery. That’s because that’s all they know, physical treatments, and I’m sorry to say, they are very happy to bill you for their costly but useless medical treatments. Thousands of NYC back doctors, spine doctors and chiropractors make their living off falsely claiming that their patients pain is caused by physical conditions. It is sad but true, but you don’t have to be a victim to it!

My severe back pain is so intense and very physical. I just can't believe that it's all in the mind! How can just talking cure your body?


Modern medical science, especially pain management doctors and spine specialists in NYC, tend to see the body as a separate object and the mind as a separate object as well. The truth is, the mind and body is completely united and interconnected. You are one organism. Stress and emotional states in the mind has been proven to be able to cause all kinds of pain management symptoms. Freud knew it and we know it today. Most of these troublesome emotions are generated through past conflict with other people, therefore they are cured by interaction with other people in the interpersonal venue of back pain treatment through psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy can be expensive and I'm not sure it's worth the investment…

Imagine the relief and joy of being back pain-free and no longer a slave to pain management doctors! How much is that worth to you? Many patients experience significant relief in just a few weeks of sessions, keeping costs down. In addition, there are many other aspects of your emotional health besides your chronic pain that will benefit from good psychotherapy, such as relief of anxiety and depression, and resolution of interpersonal conflict. The truth is back therapy that brings back pain relief is a steal!

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Lasting lower back pain relief is possible!

The great thing about back pain treatment through psychotherapy in my NYC office is that it brings you hope for recovery and then delivers! I have been helping children and adults with their emotional health issues for years and I have the experience and especially the kind heart to take care of your problem in a warm, supportive environment. If you have any questions about back pain treatment through psychotherapy, and would like guidance, encouragement, or treatment from a back specialist here in NYC, you may call me at 646-681-1707 for complementary 15-minute consultation. I look forward to speaking with you!

Please be advised that although your severe back pain will likely require psychotherapy, a minority of back pain is indicative of a serious medical condition, and this must be first ruled out by undergoing a thorough physical examination. Then if the back doctor is unable to find real physical problems, back pain treatment through psychotherapy will be the best choice.

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